First 100 Days!

Hello friends of O/R/B! 

It's been quite the 100 days. Many of you were there for the Naked City Brewing launch party on July 24th. So much has happened since then! First of all, I have found a contract brewer, so we have a steady stream of O/R/B kegs for thirsty micro-session drinkers throughout Seattle. Read more below!

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Seattle Beer News

Pico Kickstarter Campaign


The feedback has been amazing. One of the big questions I had was: do people really want a low alcohol craft beer in a world of 7-10% ABV IPAs? Turns out they just might! Not only are we selling in a who's who of top craft beer bars such as Zeeks, Chucks Hop Shop, and the Highliner Public House, but their customers are finding it on the menu. Check out the map above for the latest list of where to find a pint of O/R/B. Know of a neighborhood watering hole that could use a micro session? Give me a shout.  


Another highlight was some great coverage from Seattle Beer News. Geoff has been covering beer in Seattle for years so he knows a good craft brew when he tastes one. Check out his thoughts in the link above. 

Pico Brew Kickstarter

O/R/B is not an easy recipe. It took dozens of iterations to get it right, and the rapid brewing would not have been possible with the Pico Brew Zymatic. It allowed me to change single variables, hold others fixed, and saved months of time. The folks at Pico Brew have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest technology-- the Pico. It's kind of like a K-Cup for brewing. You can buy recipes from a big selection of world-class breweries (including Olympic Range Brewing of course). Check out the link. You can get a 50% discount if you take advantage of their campaign for the next week or so. 

More News Coming Soon

 Well that's all for now. Thank you for your interest, support, friendship, ideas and feedback. Starting a craft beer brand isn't easy-- it really does take a village and I am happy that you are a part of it. 

In the next few weeks you can expect a couple big announcements-- including a new beer style for the winter months, and an exciting new sales team addition. Until then, cheers!

- Todd Olsen, Founder

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